Sunday’s Sites – The Family Edition

Every Sunday I try to reference 4-5 articles I found particularly insightful or useful. This weeks topic centers on family and finance.

JLP at AllFinancialMatters talks about setting up a plan and a schedule to make sure the kids are getting their chores done.

FrugalDad discusses the ever controversial topic of who in the household handles the bills. Personally my wife and I swap back and forth on the bill paying, it is a little bit of an odd arrangement but it works.

While dogs may not be exactly part of the family, Jeff at Good Financial Cents, discusses Suze Orman’s approval of a woman spending $100,000 to clone her dog.

Finally, Passive Family Income covers the most important part of any income stream and everything we do, the support of our families.

This marks my 20th post and my 3rd week of blogging, thank you to anyone who has followed me, extra thanks to anyone who has taken the time to comment. My posts may still come across rough, I am trying to find my style. I apologize for my deplorable grammar and punctuation, but this is about finance not English. I don’t pretend to have the answers, I just hope you can gain something from what I know and what I am learning. Surviving in our current economic situation is going to require persistance and a willingness to not give up and always learn what you can do to improve your situation.  By reading this or any of the other great personal finance blogs you are already ahead of most other Americans, because you care and are taking steps to take responsibility for your present and future.

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1 Jeff Rose February 22, 2009 at 3:26 pm

Thanks for the link! Glad to be apart of the 20th post 🙂

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