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How does the beer people drink affect our perceptions of their financial situation? I will give you three examples of people I know, the beers they drink, and what some people would ASS-u-me  based solely on the beverage they hold in their hands, I will then paint a moderately more accurate picture for you, it won’t be perfect because I don’t have access to their balance sheets.

Person 1: Drinks Miller High Life or MGD.

Assumption: Likes to drink but can’t really afford to get a good beer. Probably a blue collar worker with a large family who enjoys drinking and hanging out with friends but just can’t afford a Miller Lite.

Reality: I kid you not this guy just loves the High Life, his wife drinks Blue Moon and he opts for the High Life. There is no economics involved in his beer choice, he could afford to drink Guinness if he so chooses but likes the economy of the High Life and enjoys the flavor.

Person 2: Drinks Miller Lite

Assumption: Average middle class American who enjoys a smooth beer, not looking for high end stuff but not willing to go cheaper but is happy with what he has.

Reality: Reality here is pretty close to the assumption, however, this person has no problem going to Milwuakee’s Best Ice when times are tough.

Person 3: Drinks High Alcohol Content Belgian Imports

Assumption: This is a person who likes fine things, loves the effort put into a good craft brew and can afford to blow the cost of a 12 pack of Miller Lite on a 6 pack of the good stuff.

Reality: Of the three people featured here, this is the person who needs the extra money spent on the fancy beer. This person is the only one of the three who does not own their own home, have a retirement fund, or a plan to get out of debt and get ahead.

Me, I drink Yeungling. Feel free to make your own assumptions. The point I am trying to make here is that even the “Realities” I have listed are still just assumptions, but we, as humans, allow ourselves to judge others on every little choice they make even something as trivial as the beer they drink.  We can never truly know the underlying reason of people’s choice in beverages, the only thing we should assume is that they enjoy what they are drinking. What do you drink? What do you think it says about you?

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1 Karen September 16, 2009 at 6:36 pm

Interesting thoughts. I am also a Coors Lite drinker and I drink it not because of any financial stature I want to epitomize. But I do think that others may have the same opinion – “you are what you drink”.


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