1 DH February 12, 2009 at 6:56 am

IGOBanking is almost the best. DollarSavingsDirect.com is the best right now.

2 John S February 13, 2009 at 9:02 am

I disagree with DH. I have also opened an iGObanking account and I am VERY happy with all of the services they have to offer.

I have even heard that they are going to launch more products for us online bankers!

3 Emma June 6, 2011 at 7:31 pm

Stay away from this bank if you want good customer service and any sort of control over your account. I have been with this bank for 2 years as my primary bank using their bill pay. Their website is horrible and time intensive to navigate, but I eventually got used to it. It took almost 30 days to get all of my accounts set up because their system is so archaic and Customer service is only available 9-5pm EST M-F, so if you are on the West, you only have until 2pm. Even then, after all that effort I stuck with them because I was too lazy to move elsewhere. They have no overdraft, and if you make one mistake, their bill pay company Metavante will freeze your account for 5 business days which cancels all pending payments. Recently their system duplicated a payment which overdrew my account, but Metavante still won’t unfreeze my account even though the bank asked them to because I have had 4 overdrafts in …. wait for it….. 2 years. And some of them were bank error with funds sitting in my savings and transferred to cover the error same day. Now suddenly I am locked out of my online account with no access at all and of course customer service isn’t available because it’s 3:30 PST. Not worth the aggravation. I just moved everything to Ally where they have overdraft, 24/7 customer service and equal interest rates. All of my accounts were set up in about 2 hours compared to 30 days with iGo. iGo elsewhere and can’t get there fast enough.

4 Poorme July 24, 2014 at 10:16 am

Stay away from Igo banking!!!

Wow! Stay away from this bank! They put a freeze on my account and charged me $125 all because I have the same name as someone that has a judgement against them. I have nothing else in common with this person, however they froze my assets and did so the same week that I was buying a house! I now have to sue them and try to undo all the damage they caused. It is unbelievable that a bank would freeze the account of someone just because they have the same name. I even live 3000 miles away from the person! Take my advice and STAY AWAY from igo bank!

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