U.S. Senators Reach a “Compromise” on Obama Stimulus Plan

capitolbuilding2Major news channels are reporting tonight that the senate has arrived at a “compromise” on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. The bill is reported to now have 42% tax cuts, and 58% spending. No details were released and while the Official Documents maintained by the Library of Congress show Amendments 100-555 to the original bill passed by the House of Representatives, none of the text associated with the Senate amendments is documented.

Reports are stating that out of the 219 Republicans in both the House and the Senate only 2 actually support the bill. This is hardly the bipartisan support which Barack Obama raved about during his campaign. Without the details of the actual tax cuts being released yet I can’t really render an opinion on it. But it definitely worries me to see so few Republicans supporting this bill.  The amount of money involved is now closer to $800 billion and the first votes on the bill could come as early as Sunday afternoon. What have you actually heard about either the original bill or this “compromise” I am  afraid that not enough of America is actually aware of what their elected officials are voting on as we prepare to mortgage our kids and grand kids future.

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