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I am starting this blog as a way, hopefully, to hold my self accountable for not only my money but hopefully my life as well. I am quickly approaching 30 and until recently have taken little to no interest in my financial well being, thank god I am married to an accountant. I have started reading about personal finance in books as well as on blogs and I am amazed at not only the amount of information out there but at the amount of information I never knew. So to start things off lets cover where I am at right now and yes you have possibly seen this chart before, thanks to mymoneyblog.com for the format:


Cash Savings $9450.00
Roth IRA $2,350.00
401k $27,870.00
Home Value $244,000.00

Credit Cards $3,670.00
Mortgage/Second $229,410.00
Student Loans $10,100.00

Net Worth $40,490.00

Cash Savings
Our cash rests in two separate online savings accounts, one of the accounts is for our child. We also maintain a savings account with a local bank which has around 1500 in real emergency money.

Retirement Accounts
These numbers used to be higher but I took a -35%+ hit in the recent market collapse, I am optimistic though that things will improve and being as young as I am it is a great time to be buying in.

Credit Card Debt
This is a zero interest account used to purchase some furniture, I hope to get this down to 0 in the very near future

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